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College Cost Navigator is a powerful, yet easy to use college planning software that can compare tons of college academic and financial criteria for student families.
Just log on, select what you want to compare, input preferred criteria and within minutes you'll have full-blown generated reports at your fingertips! Complete with financial aid package info, out-of-pocket costs, admission eligibility, "recommended schools" according to criteria and so much more!

Generate as many reports as you want for families! Charge fees for your services, all using this easy software.

Just input some data and let the software easily calculate it for you.

Quickly search scholarships at the touch of a button based on test scores, GPA, limit to states, etc.

Generate "What If" reports to show the "before" and "after" affects of your College Planning Services. This one sells your services for you!

CCN Gives you unlimited tech support. Talk to a LIVE person when you call and not some phone tree. Our reputation was built on this!

Easily compare colleges side by side according to interest preference, major, cost of attendance, location, etc.

Our goal when creating College Cost Navigator was to make the process of College Planing as easy as possible. With that in mind, we decided to include a variety of "extras" to help you speed up the process even more. When you purchase College Cost Navigator today, you'll get instant access to the following bonus items:

Customer Center

Access customer-only resources and materials.

Video Tutorials

Step-by-step videos demonstrating all CCN features.

1 Year of Unlimited Updates

Every new update FREE for an entire year.

1 Year of Unlimited Support

Access to our support team whenever you need them.

Calculate EFC

Generate Client Reports

Create "What-If" Reports to Show The Impact Of
Your College Planning Service

College Search: Search For Colleges Based On
Interests, Major, Cost of Attendance, Location, Etc.

Scholarship Search: Search For Scholarships Based
On Test Scores, GPA, Limit to States, Merit, etc.

Generate Unlimited Reports

Customize Reports With Your Logo

Unlimited Technical Support

Unlimited Updates

Easy To Follow Video Training

BONUS #1: Digital Marketing Flyers To Promote
Your Business

1.What is College Cost Navigator?

College Cost Navigator is a software program designed to help college planners easily help their clients make financial and college choice decisions.

2.How long is my subscription?

You can use College Cost Navigator as long as you like. We do not lock you into any lengthy contracts.

3.Are there any other fees other than my $79 subscription?

There are no hidden fees, you pay $79 per month…period.

4.What is the difference between CCN Financial and CCN Academic?

CCN Financial collects all the financial data from the client in order to calculate the EFC. It compares that EFC to the Cost of Attendance at thousands of 4 year colleges and universities. CCN Academic helps perform a college search based on many different criteria. It also searches for scholarships that student may be able to apply for.

5.Can I easily generate reports?

Reports are automatically generated from the data you collect. It is literally the click of a button!

6.Can I customize reports with my own logo?

You can put your own logo and contact information on the reports.

7.What types of colleges does this software compare and reference?

This software compares and references only 4 year colleges and universities. No community colleges or technical schools are included.

8.How do I get started?

You will be emailed log-on information after you make your purchase

9.Does CCN have an affiliate program I can join?

If you are looking for help in marketing your college planning business, we do have an affiliation with College Planning Relief ®. You can visit their website at www.collegeplanningrelief.com

10.Can I upgrade to PRO if I purchased CCN Financial or CCN Academic?

Yes, you can upgrade your subscription at any time. Just call 888-799-6318 and ask for Kelly Owens, National Sales Director.

11.How do I contact support if I have further questions?

For General Questions, please call Kelly Owens (National Sales Director) at 888-799-6318. For Technical Support, please email support@collegecostnavigator.com

12.What is training like and how long does it take?

There are numerous training videos available. There is a general tutorial which takes about half an hour. There are also several shorter videos directed at commonly asked questions available for you to reference.

13.Who uses this software?

Financial planners, academic planners, CPA’s and school counselors all use this software. It is available only to a professional planner, not to parents.

14.Do I need to be a College Planner to purchase the software?

No, many financial planners or CPAs use this software to help their clients.

15.What types of forms would I generate for clients?

We offer 6 different reports that you can generate. See our website for examples.

16.What types of fees can I charge by generating these reports?

There is a wide range of fees that professional who use this software charge. Typical fees range between $295 and $3000.