Here are just some of our happy customers.

"College Cost Navigator saves me tons of hours generating reports. Priceless!"

Brad Hendrickson
- Atlanta, GA

“It makes things tangible and is information-rich. Love the 4-, 5-, 6-year graduation rates! People light up when they see that.”

Jean Casagrande
- Stability Partners, LLC

"I can't imagine running my College Planning practice without having CCN. Not only does it give me professional credibility with my clients, it also saves me valuable time not having to research multiple places to provide similar data. The reports justify my fee time and time again!"

Luanne Lee
-Broad Run, VA

Easy Is Priceless

Our software is as easy as they come. You won't spend days learning — you'll spend minutes. We don't "sell" training because you need very little of it.

It Rocks To Talk To A Real Person

We hate "phone queues" as much as you do. That's why our customers love talking to a real person when they need it.

Our Software Does The Grunt Work

No one wants to sit down for hours to compile a report to show a client. Our customers can generate tons of reports in minutes. It's supposed to be quick so you can get back to your day.

We Answer To Our Customers

Our customers are the only people we answer to. We don't have any large board of directors or some stock market to answer to. We are a private company that answers only to you. That's how we built our reputation.

No Funny Business

We believe you deserve straight up pricing. That's why we never "hide" fees. Never a dime more.

Clarity Is Everything

Fancy words and jargon that confuses clients get people nowhere. That's why our software compares colleges side by side very simply so they can easily make the best choice.